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Islamic History Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Things get worse in both Iraq and Palestine. The Second Intifada leads to more deaths on both sides. Meanwhile, the insurgency in Iraq is in full force.

Mar 24, 2021

The Middle East peace process begins to fracture as Israel adopts a harder stance. Things get worse for the Palestinians after the 9-11 attacks. And then the US launches another war against Iraq.

Mar 17, 2021

The Eighties are full of turmoil with a civil war in Lebanon, a war between Iran and Iraq, and the First Intifada. 

But the world is hopeful for peace between Palestine and Israel.

Mar 10, 2021

After the 1948 war, the Middle East is in turmoil with constant conflict between Israel and the Arab nations. At the same time, a civil war is brewing in Lebanon.

Mar 3, 2021

After the British mandate ends, Israel declares its independence. The Arab League declares war and the 1948 Arab-Israeli War is underway.