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Islamic History Podcast

Nov 28, 2016

Ali's Caliphate was already in trouble.

The Umayyah clan was suspicious of him. Muawiyyah refused to acknowledge his leadership. There were gangs of bandits were roaming through Medina. And many companions refused to support him.

And to make things worse, Aisha, the Prophet's widow, was stirring things up in...

Nov 14, 2016

For several years, there had been a low level of discontent in the Muslim empire. While most of the inhabitants were happy, there were a significant number who were not.

Caliph Uthman had already spoken to his governors to try to get a handle on what was happening. Though they had many ideas, no one came up with a...

Nov 7, 2016

Many people mark the beginning of Uthman's troubles with the loss of the Prophet's rings.

But things really got bad for Uthman when he lost the support of the esteemed companion, Ammar ibn Yasir.

The antagonism against Uthman was growing in three main locations: Egypt, Kufah, and Basrah. The rest of the empire was calm...