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Islamic History Podcast

Nov 7, 2016

Many people mark the beginning of Uthman's troubles with the loss of the Prophet's rings.

But things really got bad for Uthman when he lost the support of the esteemed companion, Ammar ibn Yasir.

The antagonism against Uthman was growing in three main locations: Egypt, Kufah, and Basrah. The rest of the empire was calm and had no problems with his administration.

No matter how what Uthman did, he could not get to the bottom of their malcontent. These mysterious complaints against have led some to believe a nefarious individual was behind everything.

However, the reality was much more mundane. There were simply many people who did not agree with the way Uthman did things. Uthman was an old man and allowed trusted members of his family to run the government.

Unfortunately, when things went bad, it was Uthman who took all the blame

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