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Islamic History Podcast

Oct 10, 2016

One of the most troublesome spots in the Muslim world was the Iraqi city of Kufah. The people were fickle, restless, and never satisfied with their governor. Uthman had to change their governor no less than three times.

Uthman's popularity took another hit during the Hajj of 649. Seemingly inconsequential actions had major repercussions.

But the most important event during this period was the one that would bring the most benefit. Upon discovering the message of the Quran was in danger of being diluted and fractured, Uthman took immediate stops to reverse this trend.

What came out of this was a standard, official compilation of the Quran that remains to this day.

But even this great achievement came with its problems. Ultimately, it was just another chance for Uthman's opponents to gripe about him.

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