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Islamic History Podcast

Oct 3, 2016

Uthman has been accused of often appointing his family members to high positions. And in many instances that was true.

But some of his appointments were still very good, even if they were related to him. An example of that is Muawiyyah ibn Abu Sufyan.

In addition to finding favor with the Prophet of Islam, Muawiyyah was a competent governor of Syria. One of his earliest successes was the building of the first Muslim navy.

But he would run into trouble when another companion, Abu Dharr, begins to criticize the way some Muslims lived.

Abu Dharr was not one to hold his tongue; not even for the governor of Syria nor for the Caliph. When Abu Dharr's speech begins to rub people the wrong way, Uthman has to make some changes.

Unfortunately, he was unaware how those changes would damage his reputation.

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