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Instead of bringing peace, the Umayyad victory at Karbala brings even more instability to the Empire. Now the Muslims of Mecca and Medina are more determined than ever to shake off the Umayyad yoke.

In Mecca, Abdullah ibn Zubayr is quietly building his support. He refuses to openly oppose Banu Umayyah, but everyone knows he's up to something.

In Medina, Yazid is quickly losing his grip. Everything he does turns the Muslims of Medina against him even more.

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2-11: Nihavand And Caltrops

By 641, the Muslims had captured most of the Southwestern part of the Persian Empire.

This area contained the best and most fertile lands and would be modern day Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of northwestern Iran.

As mentioned previously, Umar had grown weary of all the fighting and was grateful for their current holdings.

However, the Persian pride was wounded and they couldn't accept a peace treaty with the Muslims.

Emperor Yesdijird made his base in Nihavan and began to build another army to attack the Muslims.

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2-9: 'Amr And Cyrus
  • The Romans, either from fear or incompetence, had done little to stop Amr during this time
  • Finally, they had to march out from Babylon to meet Amr near Heliopolis and try to drive him from Egypt for good
  • Amr's spies told him of their movements and he planned to go out to meet them in battle.
  • But during the night he sent out two smaller forces; one in the hills overlooking the plains...Continue Reading
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2-6: 636 and 637 CE

Battle of Qadisiyyah was more devastating for the Persians than the Battle of Yarmouk was for the Romans
Their defeat at Qadisiyyah left the Persian capital exposed to Muslim forces
However, the Roman capital was hundreds of miles away in Constantinople and very safe from Muslim forces
The Romans still had the ability to wage war against the Muslims
However, the Persians were now just trying to survive
We'll look at the events in Syria after Yarmouk first, and then take a look at Persia after Qadisiyyah

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2-3: Khalid And Persia

Two major empires in the area at this time: Persian and Byzantine
- Persian culture and power goes far back into Biblical times, even before Cyrus the Great (
- Once conquered by Alexander the Great
- Went through several dynastic changes
- Sassanid Empire was the last non-Muslim Persian dynasty
- Came into power 400 years before Prophet's birth
- By the time Prophet was in Medina, Sassanid Empire was going through political turmoil and very weak

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2-2: Apostasy And War

Reasons for rebellion
 - False prophets
 - Unwilling to pay Zakah
 - Dislike of central authority
 - Not fully invested in Islam
- Abu Bakr's five step plan
 1. Protect Medina and hold out until Usamah returns with army
 2. When Usamah returns divide the army and send them to different parts of Arabian Peninsula
 3. Retake central-western Arabia creating a safe zone around Medina
 4. Concentrate on the big players (false prophets) and then take on Musailamah
 5. When the center's pacified, focus on smaller rebels in north and south

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2-1: Abu Bakr And The Caliphate

Welcome to a new season of the Islamic History Podcast. In this season, we're going to cover the first 100 years of history after Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) death.

We will discuss the last days of the Prophet's life as well as the election of Abu Bakr to be his successor. Additionally, we will also see how the Wars of Apostasy began.

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