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2-7: Plague And Famine
  • In 639, a plague broke out, originating in Nicopolis, or Imwas, in the modern state of Israel.
  • The city no longer exists as it was destroyed by Israeli army during Six Day war.
  • It is estimated around 20000 people died from this plague. Among them were many prominent Sahabas.
  • The most well-knonw of all was Abu Ubaidah, the general that succeeded KIW in Syria
  • Another companion was Muadh ibn Jabal - most famous for these instructions he received from Prophet Muhammad before embarking to Syria

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2-6: 636 and 637 CE

Battle of Qadisiyyah was more devastating for the Persians than the Battle of Yarmouk was for the Romans
Their defeat at Qadisiyyah left the Persian capital exposed to Muslim forces
However, the Roman capital was hundreds of miles away in Constantinople and very safe from Muslim forces
The Romans still had the ability to wage war against the Muslims
However, the Persians were now just trying to survive
We'll look at the events in Syria after Yarmouk first, and then take a look at Persia after Qadisiyyah

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