Islamic History Podcast
2-2: Apostasy And War

Reasons for rebellion
 - False prophets
 - Unwilling to pay Zakah
 - Dislike of central authority
 - Not fully invested in Islam
- Abu Bakr's five step plan
 1. Protect Medina and hold out until Usamah returns with army
 2. When Usamah returns divide the army and send them to different parts of Arabian Peninsula
 3. Retake central-western Arabia creating a safe zone around Medina
 4. Concentrate on the big players (false prophets) and then take on Musailamah
 5. When the center's pacified, focus on smaller rebels in north and south

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2-1: Abu Bakr And The Caliphate

Welcome to a new season of the Islamic History Podcast. In this season, we're going to cover the first 100 years of history after Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) death.

We will discuss the last days of the Prophet's life as well as the election of Abu Bakr to be his successor. Additionally, we will also see how the Wars of Apostasy began.

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